Your honey is from Greensboro, NC!

Location Info: Suburban (Greensboro, NC)
Hive Info: Multiple Hives (30k-40k Bees Each)
Predominant Floral Sources: Clover, Wildflowers and Food Crops
Hive Management Style: No chemicals of any kind, essential oils and space management techniques
Hive Ages: Various 1yrs - 5yrs
Temperament: Moderate-Calm

The honey you have in your hand is a premium grade honey. It is the same honey we eat and use in our favorite recipes. We never heat our honey and each batch is triple-filtered while still retaining microscopic bits of pollen and propolis. Our honey and wax are also tested annually for the presence of any unwanted substances. Thus ensuring that our customers receive the best honey we can offer.

If you have any questions about our product, please feel free to contact us toll free at 866-334-7139 or send a message to

Geographic Location:

These are young hives or starter hives are called "nucs" ... short for "nucleus". Basically, nucs contain the bare essentials needed for colony to establish a foundation for growth; a queen, workers, brood and food (honey, pollen, bee-bread).

View of mature, established hives.

We had some "labor issues" with one of the hives. They decided to swarm on us; a common spring time occurrence. The colony settled, with the queen, in a treetop not too far from the hive. A colony "on the loose" ...

(Close Up: Their queen is in the center of that mass of honey bees.)

We had a few discussions with their union rep and was able to reach a mutual agreement :)
(Those dots in the picture are bees.)